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The Birth of Evil 10th Anniversary Tribute by timbox129 The Birth of Evil 10th Anniversary Tribute by timbox129
I know it’s four months early, but…

In August 2003–nearly 10 years ago, perhaps–a two-part episode of my most favorite action cartoon of all time, Samurai Jack (which I like besides Dexter's Lab), created by Genndy Tartakovsky, creator of Dexter’s Laboratory and future director of Hotel Transylvania, aired on Cartoon Network. The following year, it won a Primetime Emmy for Outstanding Animated Program (for Programming Less than One Hour), no less.

It is basically a prequel to the Premiere Movie, and it is something that explains the origins of the evil shape-shifting demon wizard Aku, as well as the origins of Samurai Jack’s magic sword, and how Samurai Jack’s dad, The Emperor of Japan, fought Aku and eventually brought about Aku’s ‘jailtime’ by locking up Aku’s remains and demon forces deep in the earth with the magic sword–so that Aku’s tree-like ‘jailhouse’ could stick out admist the damage that the Shogun of Sorrow has wrought. And it ended with the birth of Samurai Jack, my most favorite cartoon samurai warrior of all time.

That two-part Samurai Jack episode I’m talking about is called “The Birth of Evil”.

I have made this Photoshop Collage tribute poster for the Emmy Award-Winning Samurai Jack two-parter Birth of Evil just in time for that episode's 10th anniversary this year.

If you who have seen and/or remembered seeing Samurai Jack and/or its Emmy Award-winning two-parter Birth of Evil have any comment, you could talk and/or reminiscence about this show and/or Birth of Evil on the comment page below.

And so, here is my question:

Do you remember the two-part Emmy Award-winning Samurai Jack episode Birth of Evil? Do you like it or not? What is your favorite part(s) from Birth of Evil?

Well, what’s your word or review on Birth of Evil, the two-part Emmy Award-winning Samurai Jack episode that I’m talking about?
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